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01/02/2018 at 16:35


NEWS: The negligible transfer business summarised

It can only be one of two possibilities. Either Hull City Football Club are totally oblivious to the fact they are deep in a relegation battle to stay in the Championship, or the owners of this fine football club have chosen to 'shut up shop' and not invest another meaningful penny into Hull City. 

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Summed up by CI. It won't take long...

To say the Tigers' transfer business was disappointing, is a major understatement. And not just in this window, either. The summer business was sketchy to say the least. It is evident the Allams have failed to grasp that football is a fast evolving business and lessons from previous dismal transfer windows are still not being learned. Although, now, it appears wilfully so.

City completed just one signing for the month; a second choice centre back, after unprofessionally messing Aberdeen about with deal structures rather than actually meeting Scott McKenna's valuation. No offence to Angus McDonald - and fair play for coming here - but a Barnsley club captain, out of favour at Oakwell - and falling down the pecking order - picked up for a peppercorn undisclosed fee in the grand scheme of affairs, is not going to set the pulse racing. Especially as both sides are in the same relegation battle.

Almost as a token gesture, one of Liverpool's bright young wing prospects was signed on loan late into the night. However, highly rated the 20 year old is, Harry Wilson arrives with negligible first team experience and certainly no pedigree of competing in a relegation dog fight. Given that, he'll be going back to Anfield with hairs on his chest, if nothing else, after his spell here.

There are significant problems at this club, whether the Allams want to acknowledge these or not. The very fact our captain was flirting with a romantic move back to Nottingham Forest in the dying hours of this window should set alarm bells ringing for players, manager and fans alike. And yet, Dawson still being here, raises more questions than answers at the moment. With Abel Hernandez injured and Kamil Grosicki barely fit, it still didn't stop Derby County having a late sniff for the latter. Yet, somehow, nobody escaped...

It is abundantly clear, this was not the transfer window, the club, the fans and the manager needed given our current predicament. And yet again, we all know who's to blame for that, don't we? If you need a clue, it starts with 'E' and ends in 'HAB'. 

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