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07/12/2017 at 20:42


NEWS: Adkins appointed - and he calls us "Hull City"

Welcome to the club Nigel Adkins. A positive bundle of energy and enthusiasm – and you do wonder if the Allams actually know what they’ve let themselves in for. They’ll find out soon enough. So, is the former Scunthorpe United manager the right man for the job? Well, time will tell, but for now, at least, he calls us Hull City. Check. 

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Nigel Adkins 'Hull City' manager

Below, in his first interview the club’s official website, Adkins beamed – “This football club has been through a fantastic period in its history recently with Premier League promotions, an FA Cup Final, a League Cup semi-final, playing in Europe – we have to embrace that and keep that positivity going. With everybody pulling in the same direction we can achieve success here.”

Adding – “Spirit and togetherness is everything. We all share a common goal – you come and support Hull City, you work for Hull City, you want Hull City to do well – and we all have a role in making that happen. The players need to perform and we need the right environment to extract every ounce of potential that they have got. Can we make sure that when they go out onto the field, they entertain the supporters and give them something to cheer about?”

Before concluding – “Fans want to enjoy watching their team, they want to be off their seats and getting behind the team. Likewise, when you’re under pressure and giving everything you’ve got to keep the ball out of your net – that’s enjoyable as well and we need to have that grit and resolve to make that happen.”  

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