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25/11/2017 at 16:34


SUMMARY: Hull City 2-3 Bristol City

It's a fair assumption, given how volatile and erratic the Allams are in charge of Hull City, the Egyptians will have seen off yet another manager from this club. The incompetency shown at the top of Hull City AFC is cascading down at an alarming rate, as evidenced again today. While the Allams continue to hang out their chosen manager to dry, sell off any remaining silver in the squad and linger around like a bad smell - despite claiming they can't wait to leave - then results like this one will always occur. 

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Bowen moves into double figures

You wouldn't have bet on what was coming next, but if you're a seasoned Hull City fan, you just knew what was about to unfold in this match, as the game went on. It began with Fraizer Campbell giving the hosts a 33rd minute lead and all was calm on the Western Front come the interval with a 1-0 advantage in the bag.

It gets better. Youngster Bowen nets his 10th of the season already, in the 61st minute, into what appeared to be an unassailable lead. Unless you're Hull City right now. Just seven minutes later, Flint pulled one back for Bristol City - and you just knew what was in the pipeline from here on in. Predictably, Reid levelled matters in the 79th minute. And nobody needed telling how this saga was going to end. In 'Typical City' fashion, Brownhill netted in the last minute to turn a 2-0 deficit with 22 minutes left, into a 2-3 win for the visitors.

The end of Slutsky - shamefully - appears, nigh. He never stood a chance. 

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