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05/01/2017 at 16:35


NEWS: Silva shadow rolls over sinking Phelan at City

So, the king is dead, long live the king. Or at least, the Head Coach. Oh wait, it's back to manager again, isn't it? And actually, long live only translates to... 6 months? And if you think this all sounds a little hotch potch, that doesn't appear to be the half of it. Allow CI to explain. 

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Silva signs!

Mike Phelan left his post late on Tuesday night and by Thursday lunchtime, his successor Marco Silva was in place to take over the management reins at the club. The 39 year old took Estoril to the Portuguese top flight and the Europa League, moved to Sporting Lisbon and won the Portuguese Cup, was sacked for not wearing a club suit, then moved to Greece and helped Olympiacos win the Greek title. Got it?

Despite having zero English Premier League experience, this is the man who the Allams believe will turn the club's fortunes around. Well, that and the fact his agent - Jorge Mendes, he of Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo et al - has hinted lots of players will come to help Hull City, plus he might possibly help Ehab find a Chinese buyer. Hmmm...

So, in summary, it's an 18 month deal, with all of Silva's backroom coaching staff installed at the club with him, but the contract has a 6 month break clause, should Hull City get relegated (we know, we know...) from the Premier League back to the Championship. It sounds short-term, it feels short-term and in all probability, it will likely prove to be short-term.

But then, what else could we possibly expect from the Allams? Ehab reckons - 'Marco is a young coach who has impressed us with his philosophy and football style. He has a great track record and we feel this is a bold and exciting appointment in our aim to retain the Club’s Premier League status. Marco will be bringing in his own back-room team who have all played their part in his recent success. We are already working hard with Marco and his team to deliver some key additions to our squad during this transfer window.'

Here goes, then... 

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