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17/10/2018 at 18:25

Regarding the business, not the relationship with the fans, the biggest f-up that happened for the club was getting relegated after the Allans had backed Bruce for £60 million or so for signing-on fees, agents fees and salaries. It meant that all potential growth and stability was halted, money had to be borrowed to fund an essential promotion challenge and ultimately meant that the Allans never trusted a manager properly again and realised that they had to take out every profit they could from the club.

In fairness to the Allans, after the money that was spent and the quality of players that were signed, getting relegated that season was an unmitigated disaster and set the tone for the next 4 years of short-term profit taking and selling whatever was worth money, to enable the Allans to get their money back and out of the club.

Bruce pictured in the media drinking a pina colada out a coconut shell in Barbados during the international break, followed by a continued collapse in form, together with surrounding teams resurging and gaining points that resulted in Hull's relegation, has to go in the textbook as a lesson for all aspiring managers in the future. The manager taking a holiday publicly before the job was completed must have killed any motivation and resilience for the players at the club.


31 posts. < 1 2 > Show 15 30 50