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01/07/2018 at 08:35

Quote Quote by essexgull on 13/06/2018 at 18:07
You play the 'People's Princess' on here, Cheats old bean, but may I be frank, it is a little fraudulent.

You go back to the old country, see the decaying towns and cities, the lunatic-looking people of colour, the huge numbers of obese and self-caused disabled native population on motorised wheelchairs and in motability-funded Nissan Jukes, the chronic alcoholics, drug addicts and those refusing to hold a job, all supported by the tax payer, the spivs, the charlatans, the con artists, the filthy and scruffy, dressed in the bargain bin sportswear. The ever increasing urban sprawl and the ever increasing difference between the two divisions of responsible and irresponsible.

We both ain't ever going back.


You are Jarvis Cocker and I claim my £5. 

Now then... 

31 posts. < 1 2 3 > Show 15 30 50