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First used 09/01/17

09/05/2018 at 01:30

One for top stato ToP perhaps - did we ever have as many penalties scored, conceded and missed in a season?

I recall at least 4 pens missed - Larson, Meyler, Toral and Wilson and we had four scored in one game. That said, Hernandez missed two in one game last season or the one before that.

It’s the final piece in an absorbing season for the mighty City, well perhaps not.

Out of curiousity I watched the eBay bid on the ?Michael Dawson shirt with the trawler tribute thingy on it. £520 it went for, which seems a lot to me.

I’m guessing the Diomande one went for £4.83, bought by Diomande. 

Bunkers Hill - See you in the next life