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RichardCheatham - City AFC

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11/02/2018 at 02:32

I read the Burnsie/Beeb, bullshit interview with Sir Ehab of bollockshire.

He said they did well and you hooligans are upsetting new buyers. Please pack it in. Ah, looks like you did.

Said he wants his money back. Who on fucking earth didn’t figure that one out already.

As said many times, if you convince yourself that you are right, then you are right. Bit lopsided of course. We paid for Mason half n half. No mention of Harold, Andrew and Ginner. I think on balance, we received more than we paid. It would be an interesting read to map it all out but it’s history now and probably they’ll fuck off before the end of next season.

Zzzzzzz. The games changed anyway. Not nearly as much fun as it was. 

Bunkers Hill - See you in the next life 

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First used 09/01/17

Hull City

11/02/2018 at 13:04

If you read the interview on the BBC website, that's just a snap shot of it.

Here's the full interview (an hour nearly) in audio format.

Click here!

The programme lasts for two hours, but I didn't stick around for the second hour phone-in, where the BBC will have undoubtedly screened all the callers and called it a '50/50 split' among City fans.

I tuned into the Hull Kingston Radio Hull City fans forum, by the fans, for the fans, at that point.

A much better listen.

Click here!

Now then... 

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