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08/09/2017 at 16:00 ball/football-news/everything-ehab-allam- says-hull-447061

"How did you come to hire Leonid Slutsky?

We went through the same process as we did with Marco. It was an intensive process looking at a lot of detail, the previous performances at all of the clubs, had he done better or worse than the managers which proceeded him and that followed him. In that sense he had a really good record and a good style of play which fitted the style of play we had under Marco which we wanted to adopt as the club’s philosophy which is predominantly 4-3-3, bit more attacking using wingers. You can see the change in the squad we have had to make to accommodate that style of play." 

12 Big Macs, 8 Cheeseburgers and some fuckin Diddy Donuts. 

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08/09/2017 at 16:08

Just listened to that interview with numb nuts and he said it is a good season to look forward to I shouted at the PC screen It would be even better if you fucked off.. hope he heard it. 

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