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14/10/2018 at 06:10

"Hate speech" is a pernicious ideologically-driven but morally and democratically corrupt concept. Offence should liberally be distributed. Feelings do not trump facts, no matter what the authoritarians and feeble-minded feel.

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14/10/2018 at 08:58

I believe you, and many others, are being wilfully naive.

Free speech has never existed in the UK - blasphemy laws up until the 1970s, obscenity laws and so on. What has happened is that members of the generation that supported these laws are now complaining that morality in our society has changed the last 30 years and these laws have changed to protect the beliefs that have changed to reflect modern society. Free speech is being weaponised by those who if they gained power, would immediately restrict it. Well-meaning people like you are being used to further a political agenda. I've no doubt that the EU and Soros are being blamed for these changes.

Clearly arresting someone for posting rap lyrics on social media is a ridiculous waste of police and court time and should be investigated. I doubt very much that this was the sole issue in isolation regarding the person prosecuted.


2 posts. All posts shown