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26/06/2017 at 12:08

10,000 football fans from clubs up and down the land marched in London yesterday against extremism.

With no flags and no chanting being asked for by the organisers there was no way it could have been construed as anything other than what it was. Working class people united in condemning extremism of all kinds.

The speakers were empassioned and varied and as a movement with 30,000 members on Facebook it finally looks like this is the response to extremism that the working class specialise in.

Check out the footage and then try to find any MSM coverage that doesn't conflate this with the EDL (labelled far right) and UAF / Antifa (not listed as far left) demos held on the same day.

In one days reporting you can see the moral bankruptcy of the MSM and the blanket use of stock footage to create a narrative of conflict.

Is the nation finally awake to how we will actually defeat this extremist blight ?

Let it never be said that I was silent when they needed me - William Wilberforce 

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Hull City

26/06/2017 at 12:40

I was hoping that Merde would be exhausted to death after marrying the Goldsmith woman, but no. I'm told Merde junior is even worse. It certainly doesn't help that they own press around the world. Online media looks to be affecting yer MSM. I'm expecting a change of government, and that'll help make Merde's bog roll vendors look ever sillier.

Can but hope. 

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